When Can Fiber Optics Go Wrong?

It is a widely known fact that fiber optics have revolutionized the entire world. People use it for many different purposes such as telecommunication, military projects, and transportation. If you look at the physical nature of fiber optics, it is a bundle of glass threads which is almost similar to the size of human hair. There’s no debate that all of us are highly benefited by the use of this technology. From its speed of data transmission, we can enjoy a series of advantages.

 However, there’s a saying called “everything has two sides”, or in other, a coin has two sides. That means, anything in this world has both good and bad. You cannot find a person or any object which only has good. Just take your own self as an example. You may try to live a perfect life. But do you think you can ever achieve that? No. We all make mistakes. That is the human nature.

 Like that, when it comes to this globally popular fiber optics, there are some drawbacks as well. Let’s take a look at some of those for your information.

 The price

 When we think of the raw materials which are used to manufacture fiber, those are quite cheap and abundant. Because “Sand” is unlimitedly available. But still, optical fibers are more expensive than normal copper cables. For instance, if you are planning to set up a fiber media converter, it will cost you very high. Hence, it is better to go for this option only if you can afford to do it.


 In general fibers are easily breakable. Due to its thin state, those glass threads can easily get damaged. On the other hand, copper cables are stronger. Even if you bend those cables it won’t break. But, that is not possible with fiber optics.

 The opaqueness

 This is a typical issue with anything made of glass. The opaqueness means lack of transparency. It will be very difficult to use fiber optic once it turns into this condition. For example, if you want to have a well managed fiber media converter, this problem will badly impact your purpose.

 Require special knowledge

 It should be understood that fiber cables cannot be joined together as normal copper cables. In some cases, you may be able to fix any issue related to copper cables. But it won’t be the same with optical. You will have to get the service of an expert who has in depth knowledge of this.

 What do you think? Fiber looks awesome at first. Think twice before you make a decision.

Posted by: Natalia Zetticci on Category: Technology Services